Canning Types

Canned wine

Have your wine canned with Canable! Simple and uncomplicated canning service for you that's quick and convenient for your customers. Bottling possible from 6,000 liters.

Where our canning journey started

With Kiss of Wine we started canning wine in 2019. This industry knowledge makes us experts in contract canning and provides us with a nuanced approach to processing and distributing wine cans. Even though our origins lie in the production and bottling of wine, we now can many other drinks for you.

Why canned wine?

Since wine isn’t carbonated (unless you want to add some bubbles to it), nitrogen pushes out residual oxygens and prevents oxidation. This means your wine stays fresh for up to 1 year or longer once canned. 

  • An unmatched taste experience
  • Long shelf life
  • Efficient storage and transportation
  • Improved leak protection
  • 100% recyclable aluminium packaging
  • Protection from light damage

Have wine and other drinks canned with Canable

Have you only sold wine in bottles and would like to expand your business area and your customer group? Or are you looking for a new canning company for your wine? Canable brings experience, passion for bottling drinks and uncomplicated processing of your order!

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