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We have have a large selection of can sizes and shapes available, from 150ml up-to 500ml.

All our cans are made from 100% aluminium, so they're infinitely recyclable unlike glass and plastic. They're also lighter, harder to break and easier to stack and transport than glass bottle counterparts. Find out more about the sustainability of our cans here.

For more details on our cans, to request a sample or to receive a quote for canning your product, please get in touch via the form below.

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Slim Cans

Our slim cans are excellent for cocktails, wine, spirit & many other small form factor drinks.

These handy single-serving sizes are ideal for taking on a picnic or out to the beach. Their modest size also makes them perfect for the travel industry.

Slim cans are available in 150ml, 187ml, 200ml and 250ml sizes.

Sleek Cans

Our mid-sized sleek are great for a wide-range of drinks including soft drinks, RTDs, cocktails and juices etc.

Sleek cans are available in 250ml and 330ml sizes.

Standard Cans

Standard cans are best suited for larger-volume drinks such as soft drinks, energy drinks, beers and ciders etc.

Standard cans are available in 330ml, 440ml and 500ml sizes.

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