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Canned ready-to-drink (RTDs)

Be ready for anything

Get your alcoholic ‘ready-to-drink’ beverages canned with Canable! Easy and simple service for you. Quick and convenient for your customers.

We live in a convenience economy. With that, there’s been a rapid increase in demand for alcoholic ready-to-drink cans. From your standard gin and tonic to your favourite picnic spritz, these simple two-ingredient drinks like it simple and are ready for anything.

So what's your drink of choice? Would you like to have drinks filled into cans ready to drink? You've come to the right place because we specialize in contract canning. If you would like to offer your drink of choice in cans, we can fill quantities of 6,000 liters or more for you.

Canned and ready to drink since 2019

Our passion for contract canning began in 2019. First, we started by canning wine, but over the years, we have been deepened our knowledge and drastically increased the range of drinks we offer canning for. Today you can have your RTD drink canned with us.

Why canned energy drinks?

Putting drinks in cans is not a new idea. However, the great variety that is offered today, especially at Canable in the ready-to-drink contract bottling category, is innovative. Cans offer a great drinking experience, keep the drink fresher for longer and also very cool. Every drink is easy to take with you and thanks to the different sizes of the cans on offer, the perfect offer is created for the small or the big thirst.

Canned RTDs means:

  • An unmatched taste experience
  • Long shelf life
  • Efficient storage and transportation
  • Improved leak protection
  • 100% recyclable aluminium packaging
  • Protection from light damage

Canning RTDs, alcopops and other drinks with Canable

We can  ready-to-drink drinks, no matter what you want in the can. We can bottle iced tea, gin and tonic, alcopops, cocktails, rum-cola and other beverage variations for you. The contract filling category for ready-to-drink beverages is our specialty and we work for you with full commitment. Have you limited yourself to offering bottles or cartons so far? With our help, we will work together to expand your offering to include all kinds of drinks, ready to drink, in cans. The range of different sizes will delight your customers.

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