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Canned cocktails

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Get your favourite cocktail recipe canned with Canable! It’s easy for you and convenient for your customers. 

Unlike your standard RTDs, canned cocktails have got something extra, literally. Combining more than two ingredients, spice up picnics right across town with your new secret cocktail recipe. 

So, what'll it be? Canned cocktails are something we at Canable can do in  quantities from just 6,000 liters. Fast, cheap and good are not empty words for us, but part of the service we offer. Having cocktails filled is quick and easy with us.

How we got started in canning cocktails

Our passion for contract canning began in 2019. First, we started by canning wine, but over the years, we have been deepened our knowledge and drastically increased the range of drinks we offer canning for. Today you can have your cocktail canned with us. 

Why canned cocktails?

Cocktails in cans, that sounds new? It is actually a particularly extraordinary alternative. However, if people enjoy the cocktail on the go, the classically beautifully decorated cocktail glass is a poor alternative. The can, on the other hand, promises exclusive cocktails for on the go and is correspondingly popular. The cans look great and the drinks in them stay cool and fresh for longer.

Canned cocktails means:

  • An unmatched taste experience
  • Long shelf life
  • Efficient storage and transportation
  • Improved leak protection
  • 100% recyclable aluminium packaging
  • Protection from light damage

Canning cocktails and other drinks with Canable

You can definitely have cocktails filled with Canable! We offer you a particularly comprehensive service in the area of contract bottling for cocktails. We can cans cocktails for you and are quick, reliable and accurate. As an experienced company, we fill drinks in cans and you as a customer can sit back, relax and wait for your order to be completed on time.

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