Aluminium — your climate-friendly packaging solution

When it comes to sustainability, consumer packaging is far more likely to impact the bottom line when it comes to your overall carbon footprint. When considering transportation and waste, what you package your drinks in matters. And, indeed, so does what’s left behind once consumed.

For this very reason, aluminium cans are your go-to sustainable packaging friends, and here’s why!

Aluminium cans are infinitely recyclable


Aluminium is infinitely recyclable. That’s right! The integrity of aluminium doesn’t deteriorate during the recycling process. This means that, unlike plastic and glass, aluminium can be recycled back into its original form and safely used for its initial purpose time and time again. 

In doing so, you save 90% of the emissions required to make a new can from raw materials.

Also! Well-established and efficient infrastructure already exists to handle aluminium recycling. That means you’re leveraging a system that’s already in place.

Transporting cans is easy


Go further for less!

Aluminium is lighter than glass. It’s that simple. So, with the rising cost of fuel, we all know what that means — saving on costs and energy during transportation. Nor is there extra packaging required to keep the glass safe.

Cans are also easily stackable. Unlike PET bottles, there’s less wasted space around the stems.

Cans are less breakable than glass

Less Waste

Cans are smaller, meaning your product is far more likely to be drunk. We think this is good for everyone involved! No wastage for the consumer, and your product isn’t going down the drain. 

They're also much, much harder to break. So safer and easier to pack and transport.

Aluminium is better than plastic for drinks

War on Plastic

With the war on single-use plastic in full swing, regulatory changes impact the use of all plastics. For example, by 2025, all plastic bottles must be made from 25% recycled plastic. This jumps to 30% by 2030.

In general, plastic is becoming increasingly governed, and this is a great thing because it's terrible for the environment.

Younger generations are embracing cans

Shake Things Up

The buying power of the ever-climate-conscious Millennials and Gen Z population is only increasing. Not to mention, these generations are sticking their nose up at old-fashioned ways of doing things just because.

This means, more than ever, money is being directed at innovative and sustainable brands. So, give  consumers what they want! Try new things, keep the climate in mind and give aluminium cans a go.

Our cans

Our Cans

We source our cans from Ardagh Group:

  • Leaders in sustainable, value-added, infinitely recyclable metal and glass.
  • Committed to using only renewable energy to power their facilities across the globe.

Find out more about Ardagh and our cans right here.

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