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In today's fast-paced world, the convenience of canned beverages has never been more popular.

Canning isn't just about sealing liquids in metal containers; it's a precise art and science that ensures the freshness, flavor, and safety of your favourite drinks.

Why aluminium cans?

Sustainability in consumer packaging significantly affects your overall carbon footprint. The choice of beverage packaging also holds importance, particularly regarding transportation and post-consumption waste. This is why canning with aluminum cans is the best choice for sustainable packaging.

100% recyclable, strong and lightweight, Aluminium cans are your go-to sustainable packaging friends.

Read about the sustainability of aluminium cans
man on a Canable canning line picking up cans
A man storing Canable cans after canning

Our cans

We offer a diverse range of can sizes and shapes, and offer canning in a wide range of volumes, from 150ml to 500ml.

Whatever the beverage, we have the right can for you, all made for 100% recyclable aluminium.

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The Canning Process

Canning with us is quick, simple and flexible. Below is an example of the average canning process from start to finish.

Transportation for canning

Ready your product

We can accept delivery in anything as small as an IBC or large as a flexitank or tanker (1000L – 24000L).

Canning and transportation

Deliver your product to us

We can supply sensors to track the movement and temperature of shipments if required.

Pre-canning tests


Pre-canning we can offer a wide-range of services including filtration, pasteurisation, preservative addition and many more.

Canning line


100% recyclable aluminium cans will the be filled with your product.

Can packaging

Printing and packaging

Post-canning we offer multiple labelling options as well as QA monitoring. The cans are then boxed and palletised.

Finished product after canning

Product ready for collection

Pick up your new cans from our facility in Berlin!

Canable – Experts in Canning, small quantity wine canning cans

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